Farmers Larry Diehlmann and Jackie Kujak started Sylvan Hills Farm in September 2000. In searching for the location of their farm, they required 10 features. Here are a few of them:

We were looking for a farm which had relatively clean soil, with no additional fertilizers and chemicals used. Our soil had only barn lime used on it for the fifteen years prior to us, and we have used certified organic practices only on it. We also did not want to be lower lying than any other farm around us, since that would make us vulnerable to neighboring farm run-off. Our farm is the highest point on all 4 sides, which is another reason that it’s very important for us to being organic.

Customers tell us they love the quality of our produce. If you’re a foodie or someone concerned about how your food is grown, become a Sylvan Hills CSA (community supported agriculture) member. You’ll be doing something good for your community, your health, and the earth. By buying from a local certified organic farm, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and eating the most delicious food available!

Our members are always welcome at the farm to watch, learn, help, or just get away from it all. Send us an email to arrange a date: TheFarm@sylvanhillsfarm.com.