Meadow Lark Farming

What does it mean to be a Meadow Lark Farmer?

We have decided to leave most of the farm in grassy hay mix for the native nesting song birds to have a home to raise their families.

A few years ago we attended an event about the plight of the ground nesting song birds. We learned that their populations where declining rapidly due to lose of habitat. We had potential habitat that was being cut for hay sales and then decided not to cut until the fall. We do share the planet with other species and they deserve the right to live and prosper for future generations to enjoy.

We have taken the same attitude to the milkweed that grows here and there on the farm as the monarchs butterflies are in the same dire situation. If you visit us you see parts of the lawn uncut with milkweed growing in it.

Meadow Lark Farming is term we found in a presentation by the author of Meadow Lark Economics James Eggert. For a bio and information on James Eggert click here.