Healthy living

It is important that we support our local community in a variety of ways. Sylvan Hills Farm is more than a family farm; it is a vibrant member of our community – and an important component in our motto of all for one and one for all! We are all in this together.

H E A L T H Y  L I V I N G

Healthy   Sylvan Hills Farm has been certified as an organic producer of vegetables since 2003. We are certified because we believe that farms that claim to use organic practices should be held accountable by a third party.

Exclusive   We want to continue to offer superb quality to our members by providing crisp, freshly picked produce. In order to accomplish that, we keep our CSA small, limited to a maximum of 50 members so that we do not need to pick and refrigerate produce days in advance of you receiving it. We also strive to make it affordable for you, and are able to keep our cost low as possible.

Affordable   A grocery bag of fresh, organic produce costs members less than $25/week.*

Local   Your food is locally grown to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tangible   Introduce your kids to “their” farm – they will typically eat vegetables they see grown; even if they’ve never tasted them before.

Humanitarian   Sylvan Hills provides extra produce to foodshelves and those in need each week.

Yours   Visit the farm where your vegetables are grown and “get your hands dirty if you want.”

Luscious   We grow in clay loam to minimize water usage, which preserves the flavor and nutrients in your vegetables.

Idyllic  Never judge a book by it’s cover – and never judge a tomato by it’s picture perfect looks. We believe that maximum flavor and nutrition should be the priority with produce, and there’s only 1 way to do that – Picking fresh as possible and delivering within 24 hours of being picked.

Getting the field heat out of the produce quickly is more important than refrigeration if you remain a small CSA. We wash all produce very soon after picking with water from a 230 foot deep well which remains about 48 degrees year round. This keeps our produce cool as it gets packed into the boxes and sent to delivery points the following morning. With refrigeration, produce can get dehydrated and shorten shelf life.

Various   Growing over 90 varieties of traditional and heirloom vegetables preserves the diversity of our seed stock, and will likely expose you to new vegetables and new ways of cooking.

Indigenous   We provide only vegetables that are grown on our land. You will never have to be concerned about the farming practices used to grow your produce.

Nutritious   We pick only vine-ripened produce and deliver within 24 hours, maintaining the highest nutrition and flavor.

Green   We never fertilize or use additives when growing our vegetables.

* based on Regular share and 17-week growing season.