This week’s produce

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What’s in the box this week:

  • Lettuce–Romaine, red and green, and speckled.
    • Images of produce from Sylvan Hills Farm: lettuce
  • Chard
    • Images of produce from Sylvan HIlls Farm: chard
  • Oregano
  • Garlic ScapesMost garlic growers trim the top of the plant called a scape to encourage bulb development. The garlic scapes are a completely edible green vegetable with plenty of true garlic flavor. Use it in pretty much anything calling for garlic or green onions. The end past the bulb may be tough so we use these in soups and stews for flavor. They also freeze well in zip lock bags for winter.
    (See Recipes;Garlic Scape Pesto)

    • Images of produce from Sylvan HIlls Farm: scapes
  • Young shallots (the green tops can be used like green onions)



Previous weeks’ deliveries:

  • Chard–This week’s portion is small because of the cold, late spring, It will increase as the season progresses. Use this week’s chard on pita bread, making a pita-pizza with italian sauce and mozzarella cheese. Or steam it just 3 minutes and drizzle olive oil or butter and sea salt for side dish.
    • Images of produce from Sylvan HIlls Farm: chard
  • Mint–We’re delivering a mixed variety which could include licorice, peppermint or other flavors; According to UC Davis, there are more than 600 varietals. Mint can make a wonderful summer tea, just steeped in a jar in the sun for a day or into boiling water, add a little honey and or lemon. Mint also makes a nice room freshener tied into a bundle and hang to dry. Food dehydrators work well following the directions for your unit. Store them in glass jars for over winter or airtight containers in a cool dark place.
    • Images of produce from Sylvan HIlls Farm: mint
  • Borage–An annual herb native to the Mediterranean. Visit for some recipes.
      • Images of produce from Sylvan HIlls Farm: borage

If you happen to be new to CSA or using fresh produce:

Wash all the produce with a colander or salad spinner just before using.

We do wash it here but ask that you also wash again for your own protection. If you see actual soil on it, give it 2 separate washings.

The easiest and healthiest way to use fresh greens and herbs is to use them for raw salads–waiting to prep them until immediately before eating– or chop and mince small amounts of herbs into stir fries, scrambled eggs, soups.